Re: Advice

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 21 Mar 1994 19:35:45 +0100


>Can anyone advise me about the following species - general advice and
>particularly with regards to growing from seed:
>Genlisea filiformis
>Utricularia hispida
>Drosera pumila

General advice:
_Drosera_pumila_ is obviously identical with _D.montana_var.schwackei_ (a
var. obviously not studied by SANTOS previous to describing her "new
species": there is type material at B and P, however), which in turn is
very similar to (if not identical with) _D.colombiana_.

Germinating advice:
Do you have the seeds from (...) <- Allen Lowrie <- Fernando Rivadavia?
If yes, I have germinated the seeds of this _U.hispida_ (6 weeks after
sowing) and _G.filiformis_ (3 weeks after sowing) in vitro. _G.filiformis_
did not survive 1 month after germination (irrespective of media). 8-(
_U.hispida_ is rather weedy. Barry and Michael H. do have duplicates of
this. The IDs of these plants remain somewhat dubious until they flower...

Kind regards