Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 21 Mar 94 11:56:48 MST

>You see, either the Indonesians were the unknown masters of plant breeding
>during the past thousands of years through half of the world or it is
>somewhat unlikely that _Nepenthes_ came with them.

Well Dave B, I think you've been shot down. But watch this!...

>Next theory, please!

As an astronomer, I am privy to certain government secrets of, shall I say,
a delicate and sensitive nature. What would you say to certain proof,
relating to the ancient Nubians, Easter Island, the Tungusta blast,
and the mysterious introduction of _Nepenthes_ to Madagascar? I cannot
say more, and will not comment on the increasing number of reports of
mysterious ``spacecraft'' spotted hovering over Mt. Kinabalu. But I will
say this---keep your eyes on the sky! Watch the sky!

(Wow. After spending so much energy debunking pseudoscience, and educating
students on what we *do* know about the universe, going off the deep end
periodically is wonderfully cathartic)