Re: Cephalotus and cyclosecta

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 21 Mar 1994 19:13:11 +0100


>Jan, I heard you say that Don Burden's `_P.cyclosecta_' can't be
>that plant. I read in the IPSG newsletter that (at least in the UK)
>all the _P.cyclosecta_ were actually _P.ehlersae_. Does Don's
>description match that plant?

_P.ehlersiae_ (sic, after Mrs. "Ehlers", even if it was originally written
like after "Ehlersa". In this case the orthography has to be corrected
because it is a grammatical mistake) has a very long spur compared to Don's
5 mm (approx. 2 cm long). The leaves could be of this species, however...
The description of the flower does sound like _P.kondoi_ or _P.reticulata_.
The latter having truncate-emarginate calyx lobes and non-secreting hairs
(the glands are not sticky) on the pedicel.

Kind regards