Re: Stupid questions

Rick Walker (
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 13:03:15 -0800

> I have just joined the list and would like to know what species would be best
> to start with. I currently have a few Venus Flytraps that are doing very well
> and would like to obtain some others but do not know what would be best to
> start with. I more or less specialize in Orchids, that being the case what
> would you have for suggestions for me?


If you have success with orchids, you would probably find Nepenthes fairly
easy. For ease of cultivation, you might start with some Highland species,
as these are tolerant of cooler temperatures. Try _N. ventricosa_, _N.
maxima_, _N. khasiana_ and _N. alata_.

For Drosera, the easiest species is probably _D. capensis_. For a
rosetted species, try _D. aliciae_.

For Pinguicula, try _P. moranesis_, which will often bloom twice per
year, and has no tricky dormancy. I also find _P. esseriana_ and _P.
ehlersia_ easy and satisfying growers.

One of the easiest and prettiest Utricularia is _U. sandersonii_, but this
one will do best if you can give it tropical conditions, such as in a

> Also i would like names and addresses of some good sources here in the
> states.

Look in the CP archives on this list. There is a collection of growing
lists for many of the people on this list, plus lists of commercial
sources, and selling lists for those sources. To get a list of files
available, send the message "index cp" to