Stupid questions

Wed, 9 Mar 94 23:08:19 EST

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>Steve, I understand where this comment is coming from, and I see your
>smiley face, but I hope everyone knows that there isn't any truth behind
>this joke. There are some real characters in this group (I say that
>with the greatest warmth, perhaps being one myself), and I know that
>sometimes Jan can be the holotype of nomenclatural perfection (or is
>lectotype more correct?) and I can wax poetic on the beauty of some
>1mm basisolute Utric bracts, and others can concern themselves with
>tissue culture and the benefits of various artificial light sources, but
>the bottom line is that we all share a love for these plants.

I totally agree! People are different and will never have exactly the
same interests, but we all find insect eating plants fascinating. This
network enables people from all over the world to exchange their views
and provide different perspectives to others.

>I never mind at all the threads that beginners have with growing venus fly
>traps etc, and I hope I don't tire others out with my sometimes extensive
> postings.

Barry, speaking for myself, and probably others, I find your "sometimes
extensive postings" to be quite informative. It is always interesting
to find out how others grow their plants. Keep it up!

>I hope all the beginners out there who are growing only a few plants and
>have some freshmen questions don't hesitate to ask them.

I have only been growing CP for four years, but during that time, I think
my level of knowledge has increased quite a bit. I grew through asking
others questions. For all the beginners....Ask those questions.
Sure it's a cliche, but the only stupid questions are those that go unasked.

And I have one general question to close with:

For those of you who grow pings under lights, I currently have +/- 10
species and wish to expand my collection. I would like to know how other
people grow their pings and what species they recomend.

(I already have most of the south eastern species, plus a few others)

Take care & keep on growing,

-Tom- Hayes in PA (