Re: Stupid questions

Rick Walker (
Wed, 09 Mar 1994 21:35:57 -0800


> >I usually don't post much as most of you are way beyond me in botanical
> >knowledge :-).
> Steve, I understand where this comment is coming from, and I see your
> smiley face, but I hope everyone knows that there isn't any truth behind
> this joke.
> ...
> Comments anyone?

I agree absolutely.

There may be times when it might be more conservative to let others with
more knowledge take the floor, but usually someone will correct you if
your too far off base. My attitude is that the only way to learn is to
dive in, ask questions, try to be helpful, and risk occasionally saying
something silly.

> I hope all the beginners out there who are growing only a few plants and
> have some freshmen questions don't hesitate to ask them.

By all means!