Stupid questions

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 9 Mar 94 20:12:35 MST

>I usually don't post much as most of you are way beyond me in botanical
>knowledge :-).

Steve, I understand where this comment is coming from, and I see your
smiley face, but I hope everyone knows that there isn't any truth behind
this joke. There are some real characters in this group (I say that
with the greatest warmth, perhaps being one myself), and I know that
sometimes Jan can be the holotype of nomenclatural perfection (or is
lectotype more correct?) and I can wax poetic on the beauty of some
1mm basisolute Utric bracts, and others can concern themselves with
tissue culture and the benefits of various artificial light sources, but
the bottom line is that we all share a love for these plants. I never mind
at all the threads that beginners have with growing venus fly traps etc,
and I hope I don't tire others out with my sometimes extensive postings.

I hope all the beginners out there who are growing only a few plants and
have some freshmen questions don't hesitate to ask them.

Comments anyone?