Re: Stupid questions

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 09:49:59 +0800

>>>I usually don't post much as most of you are way beyond me in botanical
>>>knowledge :-).
>>Steve, I understand where this comment is coming from, and I see your
>>smiley face, but I hope everyone knows that there isn't any truth behind
>>this joke. There are some real characters in this group (I say that
>>with the greatest warmth, perhaps being one myself), and I know that
>>sometimes Jan can be the holotype of nomenclatural perfection (or is
>>lectotype more correct?) and I can wax poetic on the beauty of some
>>1mm basisolute Utric bracts, and others can concern themselves with
>>tissue culture and the benefits of various artificial light sources

Then there is me, who just grows what grows well for me,
and who gives up on stuff (like pygmies) that I can't
seem to get right. Over time I find that I have to learn
some some nomenclature just to know what I'm getting,
but overall my criteria for getting a plant isn't, "is
it rare", or "is it botanically unique", but rather, does
it look cool.

Most/nearly-all CP growers I know are like that actually,
even if they do lapse into nomenclature periodically.