Utricularia (additional info wanted)

Michael Hasemann (jmh@tko.vtt.fi)
Wed, 9 Mar 1994 16:05:17 +0200 (EET)


I got a couple of (terrestical) Utricularia during the last year.
(thanks to Jan, Pekka, and other guys, I regret for having forgotten
their names :-) )
Now as they are doing fine, I am getting curious to know where they come
from and if they ever will blossom. (actually people having seen these
plants were obviously quite bored as they expected something much more
exciting about Cps. In addition to that I could not even tell from where
they are, how/if/when they blossom etc.etc. With your help this will
hopefully change.)

So, the utricularias I have got in culture are:

calycifida (grows very well)
subulata (how to get the BIG yellow flowers ?)
(and some more, I have to look at the labels at home)

They are all growing in pure peat and the water level is about 1cm below
substrate level. Anything wrong with that ?

Thanks in advance,


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