Terry Bertozzi (
Wed, 09 Mar 1994 05:39:00 +1030

Anyone know where I can get these articles? They relate to mosquitoes in
Nepenthes pitchers:

Beaver, R.A. (1979). Biological studies of the fauna of pitcher plants
(Nepenthes) in West Malaysia. Annales de la Societe Entomologique de
France (Nouvelle Serie) 15, 3-17

Beaver, R.A. (1980). fauna and food webs of pitcher plants in West Malaysia.
Malayan Nature Journal 33, 1-10

Beaver, R.A. (1983). The communities living in Nepenthes pitcher plans: fauna
and food webs. In Phytotelmata: Terrestrial plants as hosts of aquatic
insect communities (ed. J.H. Frank and L.P. Lounibos) pp 129-159. Plexus
Publishing, marlton, New jersey.