Utric questions

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Wed, 9 Mar 94 08:16:41 MST

>Now as they are doing fine, I am getting curious to know where they come
>from and if they ever will blossom. (actually people having seen these

>calycifida (grows very well)
>subulata (how to get the BIG yellow flowers ?)

Michael, culture sounds fine. You'd have to look to TAYLOR for the complete
ranges, but here is some information on them....

#1) South America. Look to a recent CPN for an article on colour variants
and to check your id
#2)Widespread, Asia, Malaysia, Australia.
#4)South America
#6)Africa, Madagascar, and Mexico (strange, huh?)

All will flower for you eventually, _U.longifolia_ taking the longest to do
so but the most satisfyingly. Getting chasmogamous flowers from _U.subulata_
is frustrating sometimes, but it will eventually happen in some pots. I've
found they regularly flower chasmogamously if grown in live _Sphagnum_, but
this is not a requirement.

Oh, _U.calycifida_ likes partial shade and absolutely no frosts.