Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Mon, 7 Mar 1994 22:39:07 +0800

>>In response to Kyle Williams request for information about the

I thought he was askign about the BACPS.

>>The address for the International Carnivorous Plant Society is:
>>c/o Fullerton Arboretum
>>California State University
>>Fullerton, CA 92634
>>The current dues are $15 per year US/$20 per year foreign for
>>four issues per year. The issues are somewhat sporadic in their
>>arrival, but are always worth the wait. I have been a member
>>for about six years now and always order a volume of back issues
>>when I renew my membership. I particularly enjoy the articles
>>on cultivation techniques to replicate their natural environment;
>>some of the techniques have been pretty inventive to say the
>>least. Articles also include field trip reports, articles about
>>the evolution of CP and literature reviews. The ICPS also main-
>>tains a seed bank from which members can purchase seeds donated
>>by other members - proceeds from this enterprise help support
>>the publication.
>>I've posted this rather than emailing it directly with the hope
>>that others might find it useful as well.

I'd add that I HIGHLY encourage people to subscribe
to the ICPS. You get 4 issues (some in combined issues)
per year, with color photos of plants, occasional ads, info
on cultivation, points-of-contact, etc.