Tue, 08 Mar 94 21:34:23 EST

I would like to comment on the CPN the publication of the ICPS. In the past
the publication has been lacking a timely arrival, but that has changed. Last
year members recieved the December CPN in December this was a first that
members had not seen for many years. I took over the job of getting out the
CPN last September and got the September issue out in November and then
turned around and got out the December issue in December putting the CPN back
on time. As I write this email the March issue is in route to me from the
printer and should be mailed Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I am tring my
best to get it to you the members in a timely matter. This will only work if
the ICPS is SUPPORTED. If you know someone working with CP's and they are not
a member encourage them to join. If you know a past member that has not renew
please encourage them to renew. We need all to keep thing growing. We need
articles and photos. Without food we died or stop growing. We need new growth
but we also need a good rooting system and that is done with our past and
present members.

Thanks for your time and lets keep growing.

Steve Baker
CPN publisher