Re: _P.leptoceras_

Jan Schlauer (
Tue, 8 Mar 1994 11:40:01 +0100


>I have the flowering plant in front of me now. The petals are purple and
>white, as I said before. The petals on the lower lip are somewhat longer
>than broad---the center petal is 7mm long, 5 mm broad (cuneate), and the
>two adjacent petals are 6 mm long, 4 mm long (cuneate/rectangular). The
>petals do not overlap.

OK, but it seems these lobes are broadening (from the piont of divergence)
- "cuneate" - and not of uniform width or strap shaped with parallel
margins. The lateral lobes are not so typical if they are more rectangular
than cuneate, but I think this is not so important.

> As for the sepals, I am not sure if comments on them
>are of any value, since this flower has six (2 lower, four upper).

It may sound funny, but this seemingly teratological feature is indeed
quite a good hint! _P.leptoceras_ and _P.longifolia_ssp.reichenbachiana_
(which does not occur in Pitztal, however) do this quite frequently.

> It appears that the calyx lobe at the 12:00 position has bifurcated for at
>>least half its length. The remaining four sepals are arranged in a perfect
>>X-shape, at position angles 30 degrees, 150 degrees, 210 degrees, 330 degrees
>(measuring angles clockwise from the vertical, or +y axis). So they seem
>+- well separated and spreading. So I DON'T KNOW!

TNX for these precise data. So it is the median sepal which has got two
tips (it is extremely "emarginate"; this is exactly what _P.leptoceras_ is
supposed to do). The other sepals are spreading.

=> I think you have _P.leptoceras_ (which is really thrilling in Arizona!
Many people who live closer to its native habitat have lots of problems
growing this species).

Kind regards