Re: CP

Rick Walker (
Mon, 07 Mar 1994 19:03:02 -0800


> I received a letter from Sean Samia today. ... His CP collection has
> been hit hard by vandalism and most of his plants were lost.

This really sucks! Do you have any details on what happened? Was
it a greenhouse breakin? Is Sean sure that the culprits weren't squirrels,
racoons, etc?

> Labels that have been written on with permanant ink can be reused by
> just scraping off the ink with steel wool. It just takes a few
> seconds scrubbing under running water.

I scrape my labels with the sharp, square edge of a pair of scissors.
Just a few swipes of the (dry) label will usually give a clean surface.

For a marker, I've had good luck with Pilot-brand "permanent photographic
markers". These are fairly fine-tipped. I find the Sharpie laundry
markers are too "blobby" for my taste.