Wed, 09 Nov 1994 15:00:42 -0500 (EST)

Hi James,

Field collecting endangered CP (most are) is bad for
the same reason shooting Bald Eagles, skinning Giant Pandas,
etc is bad. It eliminates the natural resevoir of these
creatures. Some nurseries and individuals are of the
opinion "If we don't take them, someone else will!" and
if you are comfortable with this attitude dealing with them
should not be a problem. For me it is since I live in
NC, but have never seen a Flytrap in the wild. THis is
due in large part to poaching of easily accessible populations.
(End of soapbox).

A less political/environmental reason is that field collected
plants often adapt poorly to greenhouse conditions, and are
often a waste of cash. They may also carry pest which will
take other plants with them.

**DO NOT PAY $100 for a Venus Fly Trap!! Rather go over to the
Atlanta Botanical Garden and look at their plants. Ask for either
Ron Gagliardo (also on this list) or Ron Dieterman. They will
be willing (right Ron?) to help in your introduction to CP growing,
sources, culture, etc. Use $50 to buy 10-15 fly traps and donate
the other $50 to the Gardens (just a suggestion :-)). You have a
wonderful resource right there. No I don't work there, just wish I


Jeff in NC

P.S. I'll leave it to others to tell you about the ICPS, Sellerlist