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Houston, James A. (JH2@scires.com)
Wed, 09 Nov 94 13:51:26

Hello Fellow Growers,
I just joined this list today, and I must tell you how excited I am
about CP growing!! I am pleasantly surprised that this list exists.
Anyway, I will *try* to be brief, and say what I have to and get off.
First of all, I do not own any CPs at the moment. I live in Atlanta,
and have called every greenhouse in this area and requested a simple
Venus Fly Trap (VFT). I have offered them all $100 for a "nice" one,
and no one has called me back. Either I offended them with my cash
offer, or, I suspect they are nearly impossible to find/buy. I do
understand that the VFT is endangered which complicates things a bit,
but makes me all the more desirous of owning such a plant.
My request to you all, is that you help me get started. I am willing
to pay for CPs if you are willing to sell and s-mail (FEDEX) them to
me. I would like to work something out with anyone interested. You
can contact me off-line if you like at jh2@scires.com, or post here; I
guarantee that I'll read and respond to them.
Anyway, thanks a bunch, really looking forward to this discussion.

Jim Houston
1473 Barnacle Street
Marietta, GA 30066
(404) 591-8862