Mon, 7 Mar 94 23:15:44 EST

In response to Kyle Williams request for information about the

The address for the International Carnivorous Plant Society is:

c/o Fullerton Arboretum
California State University
Fullerton, CA 92634

The current dues are $15 per year US/$20 per year foreign for
four issues per year. The issues are somewhat sporadic in their
arrival, but are always worth the wait. I have been a member
for about six years now and always order a volume of back issues
when I renew my membership. I particularly enjoy the articles
on cultivation techniques to replicate their natural environment;
some of the techniques have been pretty inventive to say the
least. Articles also include field trip reports, articles about
the evolution of CP and literature reviews. The ICPS also main-
tains a seed bank from which members can purchase seeds donated
by other members - proceeds from this enterprise help support
the publication.

I've posted this rather than emailing it directly with the hope
that others might find it useful as well.

John Ford
Computer Services
Radford University, Radford VA