Re: sphagnum source

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Mon, 7 Mar 1994 17:03:13 +0800

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>>From: Bob Cohen <>
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>>Subject: sphagnum source
>>It's time to divide those crowded pots of Sarr's!
>>Anybody know a reliable source of sphagnum in the east bay (do I really
>>have to drive up to see Peter just for sphag?!) Any hints about what to look
>>for and what to avoid? What mixes are you using for Sarracenia? I typically
>>use a high concentration of sphag, with some peat and vermiculite thrown in
>>(pretty scientific, huh? :-)).

I have great success with an approx. 50/50 mix of peat/perlite, with
no longgrain spagnum, unless I top dress with it to keep the perlite
from floating. You can just use pre-wet peatmoss for top dressing
however. I've been growing sarrs like this for a couple of years with
no problemos.