CP Societies

Kyle J Williams (kwilliam@trumpet.aix.calpoly.edu)
Mon, 7 Mar 1994 16:59:36 -0800 (PST)

I was wondering if anyone could give me the address for the International
Carnivorous Plant Society as well as the cost for membership. Along
those same lines I think I may still be a member of the BACPS but I
can't make the meetings since I've moved to San Luis Obispo. I would still
like to recieve the newsletter (I've been recieving the latest
issues but almost a year has passed since I went to a meeting and I have
heard that they stop sending it after a year). Can anyone help me out
with this, it would be much appreciated.


-Kyle Williams <kwilliam@oboe.calpoly.edu>
CAL POLY, San Luis Obispo, CA