Re: sphagnum source

Bob Beer (
Tue, 8 Mar 1994 08:10:28 -0800 (PST)

> It's time to divide those crowded pots of Sarr's!
> Anybody know a reliable source of sphagnum in the east bay (do I really
> have to drive up to see Peter just for sphag?!) Any hints about what to look
> for and what to avoid? What mixes are you using for Sarracenia? I typically
> use a high concentration of sphag, with some peat and vermiculite thrown in
> (pretty scientific, huh? :-)).

I just use a peat/coarse sand mix, and then take about a tablespoon worth
of sphagnum from another pot, cut it finely, and spread it around the top
of the new pot. It takes off and usually covers the top within a month
or so. I collected a handful of sphagnum from a local bog 6 years ago
and haven't had to do it again since. (And since I did this in the
winter, I inadvertently got a colony of hibernating stinging ants, which
rushed out onto my hands after I opened the bag at home, having had an
hour or so to wake up....:( )

Bob Beer