Re: P. caudata (as was...)

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 3 Mar 1994 14:51:41 +0100


>Can anyone provide me with a description of the flower (and leaves if
>you wish) of Pinguicula "caudata" (as it used to be known) I'm trying
>to check that it matches the one on my new plant.

P.caudata is a later synonym of _P.moranensis_ s.l. (sensu lato, in the
broad sense). The plant should have large cuneate corolla lobes (varying
between individuals from pale pink to dark blue-violet) with the margins
not undulate, a long narrow spur and a short corolla tube
(sect.Orcheosanthus). The leaves are not distinctly petiolate. The "winter"
leaves are clearly smaller and more numerous than the "summer" leaves.

However, what used to be called _P.moranensis_ in the past (e.g. CASPER)
occupying the largest range of all Mexican _Pinguicula_ species, has been
splitted into many little pieces (microspecies) by SPETA & FUCHS in recent
times. No reliable key does exist at the moment for identification of *all*
microspecies. The most important character in SPETA & FUCHS's system seems
to be corolla colour 8-(. FUCHS is planning to reexamine the issue, and we
have to wait for this revision...

Additionally, the name P.caudata has been applied in horticulture to almost
every species (maybe with the exception of _P.gypsicola_) of
sect.Orcheosanthus. With the distinguishing features as sketched above you
can at least verify if your plant is _P.moranensis_ s.l..

Kind regards