Re: P. caudata (as was...)

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 3 Mar 1994 08:36:30 +0800

>>>Can anyone provide me with a description of the flower (and leaves if
>>>you wish) of Pinguicula "caudata" (as it used to be known) I'm trying
>>>to check that it matches the one on my new plant.
>>P.caudata is a later synonym of _P.moranensis_ s.l. (sensu lato, in
>>the broad sense). The plant should have large cuneate corolla lobes
>>(varying between individuals from pale pink to dark blue-violet) with
>>the margins not undulate, a long narrow spur and a short corolla tube
>>(sect.Orcheosanthus). The leaves are not distinctly petiolate. The
>>"winter" leaves are clearly smaller and more numerous than the
>>"summer" leaves.

What about the leaf color? I've always wanted the classic "P. caudata"
which was photographed as having nearly round leaves, with well defined
upturned margins, and a yellow/light orange leaf color.