Greenhouse news

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Sun, 27 Feb 94 23:11:17 MST

>i'm thinking about starting to take a few root cuttings
>from my _D. regia_ has any one else got some experience
>they want to share this way? seems pretty streight forward
>in the books, like a binata or capensis.

That's exactly correct. Take the root and lay it horizontally just
under the soil surface. Keep it warm, damp, and give it a few months.

I try _D.cistiflora_ in sand/peat, as in tuberous _Drosera_.

David Purks, you sent me an email note but I can't seem to email back to
you. Do you have an internet address without all those damned bangs?
Why don't you send me your snail-mail address. Meanwhile, I'll talk to
my email guru.

A few notes from the greenhouse....
1)My sarrs are starting to produce inflorescences.
2)My ``_P.leptoceros_'' is going to flower. Jan, anything I should look for?
3)My _D. macrantha macrantha_ is very strange. It is in full growth, and
flowering. About seven plants. Now I'm getting strange red shoots coming out
of the soil, which then grow horizontally a bit, produce several bract-like
growths, then grow back underground. Are these horizontal shoots that will
produce daughter tubers?

4)MY BIG NEWS---My _U.longifolia_ is going to flower again. YES!!!!