Re: Greenhouse news

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 10:34:20 +0100


>A few notes from the greenhouse....
>2)My ``_P.leptoceros_'' is going to flower. Jan, anything I should look for?

Yes, you could check if the petals (especially those of the lower lip) are
+/- as broad as long and if they overlap each other (vs longer than broad
and not overlapping: _P.vulgaris_). The sepals should be just the opposite:
well separated and spreading (vs. coalescent and +/- parallel in
_P.vulgaris_). To be sure, you could of course count chromosomes:
_P.leptoceras_ has 2n=32 whereas _P.vulgaris_ has 2n=64. I suppose the
flowers (including the spur) are much smaller than 2 cm, i.e. those of
_P.grandiflora_ (otherwise you'd have to make sure it is not this or a
related species). _P.corsica_ is sometimes indistinguishable from
_P.leptoceras_, but readily recognizable by the chromosome # (2n=16).
_P.balcanica_ should have leaves not longer than broad in spring (=now). It
cannot be _P.macroceras_ if it is from Europe.

If you get seed, I know a guy (myself!) who could need some. AdTNXvance.

>4)MY BIG NEWS---My _U.longifolia_ is going to flower again. YES!!!!


Kind regards