books & _Drosera_

Kevin Snively (
Sun, 27 Feb 1994 21:45:43 -0800

>From: "Lam, Shing" <plato!shlam>
> Hi Kevin,
>I am interested in getting a copy of the book
>"The Gardens of the Sun"

i'm sorry but curently it appears i will be unable
to find any more copies of this publication
your request will be retained in case of cancelation
or discovery of more books.

a few months ago i recived a photo copy of the African
_Drosera_ key from a friend ;-|) and being a real
fanatic decided to track the real thing. it appears
the book is still available yesterday i picked up
my copy at the book store.

i'm thinking about starting to take a few root cuttings
from my _D. regia_ has any one else got some experience
they want to share this way? seems pretty streight forward
in the books, like a binata or capensis.

what media are the rest of you using? last weekend
while book shopping i came across the illegitimate
publication of _D. cistiflora_ as something else
( The Journal of South African Botany Oct 1940 )
but the interesting thing was in the last paragraph

"As far as is known it is confined to the --- and
--- hills where it grows in sandy soil in seasonally
damp places, but it it NOT a marsh plant."

i see.

it appears my _D. regia_ likes things some what dryer
than my _D. cistiflora_ so the questiion is do you
supose it would do better in a potting mix more like
what might be used for a Austrailian bulbose _Drosera_
than a more traditional mix?