Drosera and Utric Questions

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Sun, 27 Feb 94 22:45:11 MST

>The _Drosera_ I got came from Conneticut Biological Supply. It has three

Like I said, when it flowers (and it will no doubt produce seed without any
intervention on your part) we can use the seed to eliminate _D.rotundifolia_
which I think is a long shot. Probably capillaris or spatulata.

>I was NOT happy about it. *grin* But, like Gurney Halleck said, "Like the
>wild ass of the desert, go I forth to my work." hehehe)


Chris writes:

>So, do I ever have any chance at identifying this plant or do I have a
>mutt on my hands?

Chris, it's unlikely you have a mutt, but more likely a purebred of
cloudy background. It is an immature plant. When it gets so large that each
successive leaf is not larger than the previous, then you should have a
semi- to mature plant, and can try to key out then.

>Does anyone have the following plant or seed for sale ?
> Utricularia menziesii
> Utricularia repens


Allan Lowrie sells dormant tuber clumps of U.menziesii. He's the only source
I know of.

There is no such beast as _U.repens_. There is, however, a _Genlisea repens_
(a closely related genus). I have a few clumps of this, but actually I'm
still not sure if it is _G.repens_ or _G.pygmaea_