Re: current names

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 16 Feb 1994 10:02:13 +0100

Gary, you wrote:

>Can somebody fill me in on the currently accepted names for the following:
>Drosera sp. 'Bannister'


>Drosera sp. 'Lake Badgerup'


The second parent is the variant of _D.nitidula_ considered by LOWRIE (&
MARCHANT?) to represent what was described as _D.omissa_ by DIELS. However,
it is *most unlikely* that the plant described and depicted by LOWRIE
should be the same as that described by DIELS (cf. a note by CHEEK in a
recent issue of CPN). Thus, there is actually *no* valid name at whatever
rank for this taxon at the moment.

>Pinguicula sp. 'species nova No. 4'

In SLACK's book: _P.rotundiflora_

SLACK thought that his plant (depicted in his book) was the same as that
one cultivated by WEINER under this "name". Which was *not* the case,
however: WEINER's plant was _P.reticulata_.

Do you see why I do not like this kind of "naming"?

Kind regards