Re: Acclimating CPs to direct sunlight

Wed, 16 Feb 1994 9:41:42 -0500 (EST)

Mr. Welch from NIH in North Carolina was the only reader to
respond to my question about how to acclimate CPs, which
are grown under fluorescents in the winter, to direct sunlight.

Since then, I directed the question to Bill McLaughlin during
a phone call. I now understand that only the new growth will
have the necessary protection, and that I can expect anything
that grew under lights to get sunburned. I originally thought
that the old growth could develop some sort of protection if
the exposure to sunlight occurred gradually enough. Apparently
this is not the case.

I seem to have a couple of choices. First, I could keep the
plants in a very shady spot so that they received only
indirect illumination. Second, I could hack the plants
back substantially and hope that they grew lots of
new foliage during the summer in the direct sun.

(I'm speaking of Nepenthes and Droserae here.)

Anyone care to comment? Thanks!