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kevin snively (ksnive@mpbbs.com)
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 19:16:30 -0800

>Hi Kevin Snively,

>Word 'Everett' sounded a note since just last night my son and I were
>discussing about seeing the Boeing Factory in Everett in March. My son


hello Earl
as far as i know the word safe goes with skiing like
intelligence goes with the word military. the one and only time i went
skiing i bruised every square cm of my body on the first and only run i
made down the bunny hill. but if you must do this then there is a nice
_Pinguicula_ site under the ski area at Mt. Baker. Casper says there
is one at Stevens Pass also but i have not found it yet. Stevens Pass
is the closest area to the Boeing 747 plant. did i mention my
resentments with the Boeing Co. for having built there !*?%%%%&#@*!
factory on top of the best blackberry patch in town. your son will
probably be real impressed though because the place is REAL BIG! the
Boeing Co. gives tours of the plant mon through fri @ 09:00 & 13:00
pst. on a first come first served basis tours fill up fast so show up
early! lots of walking at a moderate pace, no one under the age of 8,


speaking of Tours? what flight arrangements have you made?
Andrew Marshal @ 1-206-431-5448 lives within spitting distance of sea tac

airport Tom Kahl @ 1-206-226-3958 is about 10 miles away from Andrew. i
my self @ 1-206-252-2911 am 1 mile north of the U.S. highway 2 & I-5
interchange ( the 2nd best way to Stevens Pass from the Boeing plant.
No. 1 goes by a drosera bog). send a snail address for maps.


P.S. think cross country instead of down hill if you want safer skiing.

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