Re: new case/how to heat

Rick Walker (
Fri, 28 Jan 1994 12:50:56 -0800

> Yes, I've been thinking of getting Halide lights for this case. I was
> going to put the lights right above the case. I don't know if that will
> give heat inside or not. Lots of good suggestions for heating on
> this list, though!

Similiar cases that I've seen have used a fan to vent the heat from the
Halide lamp out into the room. This prevents the top piece of glass from
getting *really* hot.

> Any idea what sort of wattage I need to
> light that area? Pierpalo says Nepenthes want 1300 ft candles. I have
> a Vanda Orchid that wants like 2200ft candles or so. Will I be able to
> accomplish this magic?

Curtis Tom has a similiar case and has good results w/Nepenthes using
(I think) a 400W halide.

> Does the amount of light Halide lights put out decrease the same way
> Florescent lights do? How many foot/candles of light are those of you
> growing Nepenthes with Halide give them? How about the phototron?

Halides drop off faster than fluorescent lights because they are closer
to a "point source" rather than a "line source". Fortunately Halides
start off much brighter than fluorescents.