Re: new case/how to heat

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Fri, 28 Jan 1994 12:54:46 +0800

>>> Given the height of your case, you may have to use a halide
>>> lamp to give your plants enough light. In that case you'll
>>> probably have more heat than you need.
>>Yes, I've been thinking of getting Halide lights for this case. I was
>>going to put the lights right above the case. I don't know if that will
>>give heat inside or not. Lots of good suggestions for heating on
>>this list, though!
>>Any idea what sort of wattage I need to
>>light that area? Pierpalo says Nepenthes want 1300 ft candles. I have
>>a Vanda Orchid that wants like 2200ft candles or so. Will I be able to
>>accomplish this magic?

You may have heat dissipation problems. You'll also have
to worry about keeping the light source shielded from
human eyes, for viewing safety. You should use reflectors
on the outside of the glass when possible. You could use
one way mirrored glass like the phototron supposedly does.
>>Does the amount of light Halide lights put out decrease the same way
>>Florescent lights do? How many foot/candles of light are those of you
>>growing Nepenthes with Halide give them? How about the phototron?

Light decreases the same say, not matter what the
source (well, assuming a point source). It decreases
with (I think) the cube of the distance from the source.
So it's hard to keep the light up in a tall case, when
lighting from above. Lighting from the side may be an
option to supplement light from above, but then the plants
may start growing towards the sides.