Re: Introduction

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Sat, 15 Jan 94 09:48:59 MST

>Barry--You're absolutely right about the greenhouse extremes. This winter
>has been mild, so I have not run the heater. The temperatures have rarely
>dropped below 50 F. During the day, the temperatures in the greenhouse soar

A Max-min thermometer is a very important thing for you to think about buying.

>80s this week. I have a small swamp cooler and a fan. The greenhouse is

Is your cooler giving you enough air changes? I think that for optimal
efficiency, a swamp-cooler (also known as evaporative cooler) should be able
to pump enough air into your greenhouse to replace the air three times
each minute. At least that's what I've read.


David Crump of North Carolina called last night and gave me some information
that I thought might be of interest. He has a lead on some _Aldrovanda_.
Apparently, some Japanese concern has contacted the Pietrapaolos who contacted
David. These Japanese have some _Aldrovanda_ and wish to trade it for some
rare plants, namely _U.asplundii_, _U.campbelliana_, and _U.quelchii_. I told
him that Tom Johnson (on this list) has some _U.asplundii_ to trade. I don't
know if money would be acceptable instead of _Utrics_ in this trade, but if
anyone is interested, David's phone number is 704-399-3045 (he gave me the
ok to publish that).

I will not vouch for the business or environmental ethics of any of the
people in the above chain, although I have traded a few plants with David
pleasantly enough. The Pietropaolo nursery apparently engages in certain
activities I do not condone, involving wild plants, shovels, and plastic bags.

I think David was surprised when I didn't get all excited about _Aldrovanda_.
My low amount of interest is because this plant is very hard to grow. My
understanding is that if you can't grow suspended aquatic Utrics well, don't
even think about _Aldrovanda_!

David also told me that very shortly after fertilizing his _Heliamphora_
with Miracid, they all died. I have heard this story a few other times.
DON'T FERTILIZE YOUR HELIAMPHORA! At least, not with Miracid!