tuberous drosera

Gordon C. Snelling (72203.127@CompuServe.COM)
15 Jan 94 11:57:28 EST

re: the germination of tuberous drosera seed. I've had pretty good
results with mine. The major key with these species is patience, I've
had some species take a year or more to germinate. unfortunately I
dont know of any tricks to speed this up.I generally just sow
them and pretty much try to forget about them, I have noticed greater
germination in the fall and winter months, with a better survival rate
of the seedlings as well.if they germinate during thelate spring or
summer the seedlings often appear not to produce tubers to get them
thru their dormant period so keep the seedlings cool.another
interesting thing i have seen a time or two is the apparent production
of tubers with no first season abov the soil growth,ie; seed
straight to tuber, pretty weird. they can be frustrating but they
are worth the wait so be patient with them.