Re: _Heliamphora_

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 7 Jan 94 08:29:35 MST

>>While the article is nice, there is this photo that really gets me
>>irritated. Why must people go to these places and then have a picture
>>taken of them holding a rare plant they tore out of the ground? Yep,
>>there's the author (...)

>I don't have that issue of CPN yet, so I cannot decide which is the case.


(Good to hear from you) The great hunter depicted in the article is not
Johnah Boyan. I know the photograph you are thinking about. The fellow is

>new species). As I was also shown with a ionasii plant in CPN a few
>years ago I can explain for vmy part: I think the actual size of an
>impressing plant is shown much better than in comparison with a
>camera-lenscap, pack of cigarettes.... . And in fact I did not throw away

You know, I can see points to this, but I don't completely agree. It is
true that one gets an immediate understanding of how big a plant is when
compared to a human being. And the understanding is more profound than if
the object used for scale were a lens-cap, or pack of cigarettes. I don't
know why---maybe seeing a person in the photo draws the spectator into
the photograph in a more intimate way than would be achieved with an
inanimate scale-object. But I think that a photo of a plant still in the
ground is much better and more informative. Using the recent photo as an
example, here are some questions not addressed by a single plant in the
explorer's arms

---The pitchers are long, but are they naturally arranged prostrate, ascending,
or erect?
---Do all the pitchers face the same way (perhaps south), or do they face
the center or away from the center of the rosette?
---Is the plant terrestrial or epiphyte?
---Does the plant grow with other characteristic species nearby
---Does it clump or grow individually.

These questions can be addressed quite nicely by having a photo of the
plants in habitat, and even with a few admiring humans in the shot too.
Andreas, we both (if I remember your introduction correctly) enjoy nature
photography, and I my personal aesthetics rebel against the safari type
shot for the reasons above. The photos in quality nature magazines never
have to fall back on showing plants held by humans, and they still convey
the appropriate information.

>Can anybody help me regarding the following problem:

>Since mid of 1992 I do not receive CPN anymore though I paid both for
>1992 and 1993 (For 1993 even twice).
>I tried to contact Mr. Leo Song both by e-mail and normal mail regarding
>this problem, however I got no reply. Does anybody of you know him
>and could ask him regarding this problem?
>I know from several other german subscribers of CPN who have the
>same problems.
>If it's not possible to get CPN regullary outside the US anymore, is
>there a possibility to subscribe it via a member of this list???
>Any help would be welcome

Andreas, I can help you on this one (and perhaps not offend you while
I'm at it!). First, Leo is a great guy but rarely has the time to answer
email and snail-mail (normal mail). I know him, and the only way to contact
him is either by visiting him or talking to him on the phone. But I also
know that I can determine the status of your ICPS membership by calling
Steve Baker who handles distribution. If you email to me a list of the
people who seem to be having trouble getting CPN, I could find out from
Steve what their status is (i.e. not on the mailing list, etc). If you
send me your mailing address I could check that too. I should have the
reply ready for you monday, as long as I can track Steve down.