Jan Schlauer (zxmsl01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)
Fri, 7 Jan 1994 10:47:35 +0100

Barry, you wrote re _Heliamphora_ article in CPN:

>While the article is nice, there is this photo that really gets me
>irritated. Why must people go to these places and then have a picture
>taken of them holding a rare plant they tore out of the ground? Yep,
>there's the author (...)


If it is the second, he's the one who originally found _H.ionasii_, named
after him (ionasii being Latin for "Jonah's") by B.MAGUIRE, and what he has
in his hands is indeed the TYPE SPECIMEN of this species (there was such a
photo in a past issue of CPN, already). Unfortunately, types must not be
living plants and thus, they have to be eradicated 8-(

If it is the author himself, he's indeed got bad manners! 8-( 8-(

I don't have that issue of CPN yet, so I cannot decide which is the case.

>with a nice _H.ionasii_, his trophy kill for the
>safari. Why couldn't he have been kneeling down by some lovely plants
>still growing? Commune vs. conquest. Hmmph!
>Jan, this guy lists the following taxa
>_H.minor f. laevis_
>_H.heterodoxa var. heterodoxa_
>_H.heterodoxa var. heterodoxa f. glabella_
>_H.heterodoxa var. exappendiculata_
>_H.heterodoxa var. exappendiculata f. glabella_
>_H.tatei var. tatei_
>_H.tatei var. tatei f. macdonaldae_
>_H.tatei var. tatei f. tyleri_
>_H.tatei var. neblinae_
>_H.tatei var. neblinae f. parva_
>Being something of a lumper in philosophy, I have a certain distaste
>for all these names. Are the various forms and varieties even published?

There are only 5 species, and the many infraspecific taxa need not disturb
you (these are indeed the result of many years of rather thorough
comparative study in the field as well as in herbaria of the infraspecific
variability in this genus, which is rather confusing for people who are not
familiar with the plants).

Two of the names listed above are not published and obviously errors:

>_H.heterodoxa var. heterodoxa f. glabella_

The author certainly means _H.h.var.h.f.glabra_

>_H.tatei var. tatei f. tyleri_

This may be an (inappropriate and *invalid*) attempt to re-establish some
kind of _H.tyleri_, which is considered a synonym of _H.tatei_ not
deserving any taxonomic status since the late B.MAGUIRE's revision
(MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:57 (1978)).

A comprehensive generic realignment including a key (is it the same key as
presented in the CPN article? I don't think so because Don mentioned
W.BAUMGARTL relied mainly on flower characters) has been published by the
late J.A. STEYERMARK (ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311 (1984)). Since then, the genus
looks like: (extracted from my nomenclatural synopsis)

_Heliamphora_ BENTH.

_H.heterodoxa_ STEYERM., FIELDIANA BOT.28:239 (1951) T:Ptari-tepui, Bolivar,
2.11.1944, J.A.Steyermark 59766 (F); Mt.Ptari-tepui Ven.
_H.heterodoxa_ STEYERM. _f.glabra_ (MAGUIRE) STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311
(1984) BN:H.heterodoxa STEYERM. var.glabra MAGUIRE ; Serra do Sol
_H.heterodoxa_ STEYERM. _var.exappendiculata_ MAGUIRE & STEYERM.,
MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:54 (1978) T:Churi-tepui, 1 km N Camp 8, NW slope, Bolivar,
29.11.1953, J.J.Wurdack 34262 (NY); Mt.Churi-Tepui, Chimanta-Tepui Ven.
_H.heterodoxa_ STEYERM. _var.exappendiculata_ MAGUIRE & STEYERM. _f.glabella_
STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311 (1984) T:Auyan-tepui between Drizzly Camp &
Second Wall, Bolivar, 11.5.1964, J.A.Steyermark 93712 (VEN); Mt.Auyan-tepui
H.heterodoxa STEYERM. var.glabra MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:54 (1978) T:Serra
do Sol, 28.12.1954, B. & C.Maguire 40412 (NY)= heterodoxa STEYERM. f.glabra
_H.ionasii_ MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:54 (1978) T:between N peak & central
plateau of Ilu-tepui, 15.3.1952, B.Maguire & Jonah Boyan 33418 (NY); Mt.Ilu-
tepui Ven.
H.macdonaldae GLEASON, BULL.TORR.CL.58:367 (1931)} T:top of peak 7 of Mt.Duida,
8.1928, G.H.H.Tate 1022 (NY)= tatei GLEASON f.macdonaldae (GLEASON) STEYERM.
_H.minor_ GLEASON, BRITTONIA 3:164 (1939) T:Auyan-tepui, Bolivar, 12.1937,
G.H.H.Tate 1126 (NY); Mt.Auyan-tepui Ven.
_H.minor_ GLEASON _f.laevis_ STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311 (1984) T:Auyan-
tepui, Bolivar, 1.1949, F.Cardona 2661 (VEN); Mt.Auyan-tepui Ven.
H.neblinae MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:57 (1978) T:1-8 km N Cumbre Camp, Cerro
de la Neblina, Amazonas, 10.1.1954, B.M.J.Wurdack & Bunting 37151 (NY)= tatei
H.neblinae MAGUIRE var.parva MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:59 (1978) T:5 km W
Cumbre Camp, Cerro de la Neblina, Amazonas, 6.1.1954, B.M.J.Wurdack & Bunting
37141 (NY)= tatei GLEASON var.neblinae (MAGUIRE) STEYERM. f.parva (MAGUIRE)
H.neblinae var.viridis MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:59 (1978) T:above Camp 3,
Cerro de la Neblina, Amazonas, 24.12.1953, B.Maguire & al. 36834 (NY)= tatei
_H.nutans_ BENTH., TRANS.LINN.SOC.18:432 (1840)}{\b T:Mt.Roraima, R.Schomburgk
645 (K); Mt.Roraima Ven.
_H.tatei_ GLEASON, BULL.TORR.CL.58:368 (1931) T:crest of ridge 25, Mt.Duida,
Amazonas, 26.11.1928, G.H.Tate 453 (NY); Mt.Duida Ven.
_H.tatei_ GLEASON _f.macdonaldae_ (GLEASON) STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311
(1984) BN:H.macdonaldae GLEASON; Mt.Duida Ven.
H.tatei GLEASON var.macdonaldae (GLEASON) MAGUIRE, MEM.NY.BOT.GARD.29:57 (1978)
BN:H.macdonaldae GLEASON = tatei GLEASON f.macdonaldae (GLEASON) STEYERM.
_H.tatei_ GLEASON _var.neblinae_ (MAGUIRE) STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311
(1984) BN:H.neblinae MAGUIRE Cerro de la Neblina Ven.
_H.tatei_ GLEASON _var.neblinae_ (MAGUIRE) STEYERM. _f.parva_ (MAGUIRE)
STEYERM., ANN.MO.BOT.GARD.71:311 (1984) BN:H.neblinae MAGUIRE var.parva
MAGUIRE; Cerro de la Neblina Ven.
H.tyleri GLEASON, BULL.TORR.CL.58:368 (1931) T:Savannah hills, summit of
Mt.Duida, Tate 1044 (NY)= tatei GLEASON

It is a somewhat depressing fact that both specialists (MAGUIRE and
STEYERMARK) in the genus _Heliamphora_ have died in the past few years.

Kind regards