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Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 05:35:42 PST

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 08:35:42 EST
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Subject: Re: Longwood Gardens

Hi All,
not too put down Longwood, but when I was there last Feb the Neps also looked
pretty bad. I watched one of the people who worked there water the Neps (and
other plants) with water from a hose. It didn't occur to me to ask if the
water was distilled/deionized etc so its possible that what has been seen was
a result of salt buildups. I'm just guessing here from an observation.
In thier defense I can say this (from working in a collection type program
(at a zoo)) that if there has been a change in Curators/Directors than the
emphasis on the collection frequently changes. If the person in charge is a
cacti or orchid person then there tends to be a increase of effort spent on
these plants (or in zoos- snakes or lizards or amphibians etc). I too
remember as a little kid going to Longwood and looking at the many different
types of pitcher plants. This was part of the beginning in my interest in
I agree that e-mailing the Curator or Director to continue the work with cp's
is a good start, however if anyone down there way has time to volunteer a
little than maybe this will help increase or continue the work there with the
cp's. (I'm currently overcommitted with work at the zoo ).

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