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Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 22:14:53 PST

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 01:14:53 -0500
From: Paul McCullough <>
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Subject: RE: Longwood Gardens

Apparently Longwood just isn't interested in CP anymore. Most of their
Nepenthes are dying (from what I saw) thru obvious neglect. I was there
two weeks ago to see their xmas displays (which were magnificent) and of
the two sections they have devoted to CP, only one was open to the
public- they had women at each end of the hall who deflected people
around one section which had neps and other CPs- and the section you
could visit was, like I said, mostly dying plants.

I stated that I thought things were going downhill back in the Spring...
"downhill" would be a step up now. I urge everyone to mail or email (as
I have repeatedly) to Longwood Gardens to reverse this trend. Longwood
Gardens was reknowned (at one time) for having the best selection of
Nepenthes in America- they had an entire room devoted to them- but now
they have two closet sized areas in a hallway. For a "Conservatory" to
snub the single most conservation-needing plants in the world is just
plain dumb.



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