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Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 08:12:09 PST

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Subject: plants dying

Hello all,

I'll answer Andrew's questions, so you guys can help me more.

>What were the conditions they left? Humidity,
> temps (hi/lo) light levels, artificial light/natural light?

I didn't move them into the house very recently; probably about 2+ months
ago. They've been doing fine until now. I moved them out of my
greenhouse, which had a temp of about 75F in the day, 50-55F at night. My
humidity was never very good out there - it read around 40-50 on my
thermometer, sometimes less. My plants had relatively good natural light.
I had them sitting on racks and they got plenty of sun. When I got ready
to bring them in, to avoid shock, I put them in our unheated laundry room
for a few hours. I thought this would be a good place for them to make a
transition into the house, since it is warmer there than outside, yet
colder than inside. After a few hours, I brought them inside.
>What conditions have you moved them into? A terrarium,
> windowsill, top
> of the fridge?

I moved them near a windowsill. I have them sitting on some shelves near
a bright window. I would think they would get plenty of light.

>And of course, humidity, temps, light levels, 'day'
> length etc...

Well, our house stays pretty much 70F all the time. I'm not sure about
the humidity. My dad said it's probably about 30, but he said that's a
guess. I'll bring in my humidity thermometer and see what it reads.
Perhaps humidity is the problem... 30 is awfully low.
We only have about 10 hrs. of daylight.

>What is your tap water or what ever you are using now to water
> them like?

I asked my dad what our tap water was like, and he said processed city
water. Is this harmfull to the plants?

>What species are we talking about also? This helps a lot
> actually.

Sadly, it's alot. These are the ones that are dying, and their symptoms:
D. adelae (wilting), D. aliciae (shriveling), D. paradoxa (wilting), 2 D.
slackii (one is turning totally black, and one is turning brown at the
edges of the leaves), a cehphalotus (turning black), a .5" baby flytrap
(rotting clear away!) , some Nepenthes (leaves are shriveling, and
pitchers are turning black), P. prumiliflora (leaves turning brown at the
edges), Some Utrics (livida, sandersonii, and Dichotoma x subulata. These
are shriveling, despite soaking in water), etc. etc. See - lots of my
plants are dying!

Please help if you can. Besides all the ones that are having problems, I
have already lost many.


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