Re: FW: N. rajah growing rate?

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Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 22:17:04 PST

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Subject: Re: FW: N. rajah growing rate?


Since Perry remarked on my results, I thought I'd comment. I've grown
N. rajah for some time now. The specimens I first received were about 1
cm when they arrived. Over a period of 14 months, they reached a
diameter of more than 20 cm. Since then their rate of growth has
slowed, but they are still increasing in size.

Jeff Shafer

Malouf, Perry wrote:
> Joachim Danz wrote:
> >... I purchased a small N. has grown very slow
> > with about one new leave every six to eight weeks.
> > by this rate it will take about 3 more years to reach a diameter of
> > 10cm...
> > Can anyone on the list tell me if this grow rate is normal for a
> > N. rajah?
> N. rajah, N. villosa, N. tentaculata, and a few other highland
> species are a pain in the neck to grow from seeds because they
> do grow so slowly--at first. If you can nurse them along beyond a
> certain point, they start to grow a bit faster in the proper growing
> conditions. I've seen this happen after about 1.5 - 2 years when
> the plants reach about 6 cm or so.
> One person on this list, Dr. Jeff Shafer, has had some of the best
> results I've heard of for growing these frustrating species. Perhaps
> he can comment. No one else I know of has been able to push these
> plants along at a faster rate.
> Regards,
> Perry Malouf

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