RE: CPers in tropical areas/Sarracenia

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Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 08:48:04 PST

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 01:48:04 +0900
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Subject: RE: CPers in tropical areas/Sarracenia

Hi marianne,

> Thanks Pierre and Cliff!
> from what Pierre wrote:
> > I'm living in subtropical condition, temperature last winter has just
> > down 9\260C for few days. At this time it's between 18C and 25C (not yet
> > dormancy). Last winter I had only one sarracenia and its dormancy was
> > hort( 3 months) but it has grown well since. This year I will have 4
> > sarracenias in the same condition.
> > I just use some pots that are high enough and keep a low level of water
> > cm with pots of 13 cm high). With short days and cool night around
> > they will go dormant or slow growing. They are outside with some fresh
> > dry wind in January and february.
> So basically you just leave them there and it's enough to get them
"sleepy", right?
> For 3 months, or for less?

Yes but not in any environment. It's windy, temp. around 10 C, pots are in
low level of water with air humidity around 55perc. and they get sun (when
there is) for about 6 hours a day. You now all.

> Subtropical, really, and with the Sahara so close you can't trust the cold
to stick
> long so I though I would have chill them. I am just not at ease with the
thought of
> putting a still-growing plant in the fridge with no light. Any ideas of
what could
> be a better trigger for dormancy: shortened photoperiod or

My idea is that you need all these parameter especially for us who grow
saaracenias in "extrem" condition. It is true for pygmy droseras. They go
dormant in summer with hot and dry wheater. On my island summer is hot but
wet and they don't go dormant if don't dry them, they just rot.
I feel like you about the fridge. I think the plant won't really like it and
after it will be hard to obtain a full adult size plant with a well
developped root system. For Cliff his plants didn't die before the third
year (I think it's more because of salt than heat), why not trying outside
at first?
Anyway, good luck.

Pierre Gelinaud

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