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From: Andreas Krassnigg (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 10:27:06 PST

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 18:27:06 -0000
From: "Andreas Krassnigg" <>
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Subject: Re: Hydroponics for CP

hi Owen, hello list,

> I have been wondering lately if it does not make a lot
> more sense to grow houseplants (not just CP)
> hydroponically.

please let me know what you mean by hydroponically
- do you mean without ANYsoil?
only in a solution of nurients? or do you mean in a substitution of soil,
like rockwool or expanded clay pebbles?
(i'm thinking of the brown ones, not the brick-red ones)

if so, maybe i could help. i'm growing houseplants in those clay pebbles for
more than 15 years now, with more or less success ;-)
as i get hooked on CP's, 1 1/2 year ago now, i started with 2 neps
(unknown hybrids, maybe N. x mixta).
they're still alive & seem to be very happy......
like all others that came later.

i have to admit that i had no luck with the VFT......
but Sarracenias like it very much, too!

> I work in a government soil sciences lab, and true
> soil is an incredibly intricate network or biological
> processes, almost none of which can be reproduced in
> culture. Organic components like peat, when not part
> of a living soil, simply act as nutrient sumps and
> provide no real value to the plant except moisture
> storage and pH.
> So why not just give up on our lame use of "soil-like"
> mediums, and meet the plants' needs through purely
> artificial means (ie. hydroponics)? I have seen many
> hydro gardens and their plants are almost invariably
> SPECTACULAR as compared to potted plants. i really like growing plants (not only CP's) in clay pebbles,
i agree....partly!
because please don't forget that "real" soil can be a buffer,
if you're making any mistakes.....
but there's no place for mistakes in an artificial nutrient solution.
And of course soil is just one parameter out of many - means i.e. if you
don't provide enough light, humidity and so on,
you can't expect a wonder.

> So... I am willing and able to experiment on some of
> my plants, but I lack the necessarry info and skills
> as to what sort of chemical conditions (pH and
> fertilizer) the plants would need, and how to provide
> them.
> If anyone would like to help me work out a set of
> parameters and procedures I would be most grateful,
> and will of course share any results with the list.

would be a pleasure for me to help, if i can
- feel free to mail me directly.

kind regards


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