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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 23:52:36 PST

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Subject: Re: Nep cuttings

I have only been successfully growing Nepenthes at home for a couple
of years, but I tried cuttings for the first time this summer and had
good success. Your plan sounds pretty good. The only differences
between your plan and mine are:

You said you were leaving three leaves and cutting them in half.
Cutting them in half is good, but I would only leave one or two
leaves, removing the third entirely. Leaving three NODES is good,
but don't leave too many leaves for the plant to support while it

You said you're using long-fibered sphagnum. That sounds fine, but do
you have any LIVE sphagnum? That's what I used, and it worked great.

Finally, I put my cuttings in a 10 gallon aquarium, with a lid on it
that I loosened or tightened the lid depending on how moist in got in
there, and kept it in an east window (just along the edge of the
window, so it didn't get full east exposure). I didn't have to mist
them at all, just watered them occasionally. They rooted in about 4
to 6 weeks or so.

Good luck!
(P.S. Glad you enjoyed the St. Louis CPS meeting, Steve... if anyone
else out there is interested in this region, email me! Our next
meeting is January 13).

> I'm cutting the stem at the place where the leaves join the stem. I'm
> leaving each cutting with three leaves, then I cut the three leaves in
> half. I dust the stem of the cutting with rooting hormone and dust any
> cut surfaces with fungicide. I plan on using long fibered sphagnum (Sun
> Bulb Co.'s orchid moss) as a rooting medium. I keep them well watered
> and in growing conditions similar to the mother plant. I'll mist the
> cuttings daily when I mist my other plants.
> How does my plan sound?
Susan Farrington
Missouri Botanical Garden
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