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Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 14:27:21 PST

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> In the UK at least benlate is not "banned" but has been voluntarily
removed from the public market by its manufacturer. This was indeed due to
various lawsuits alleging health damage. As far as I'm aware it is still
used in agriculture, and can still be legally obtained if you can source

>>This sounds like modern business have not been sacked but
downsized.You can still obtain it but we defy you to actually find it!!
The trouble with agriculture is (to my limited knowledge) they rarely get
anything in the small sachets that benlate used to come in. Its probably
obtainable in 45 gallon drums so if Bill and (quite)a few others, in the UK
would like to club together,with me then yes it would be worth getting hold
of some.<<<<

I received the following e-mail as dated, from a guy at Dupont and thought
it may help clarify the UK
situation on Benlate.



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Benlate is currently available in the UK market for agricultural use only
and has recommendations for use on Field Beans and Brussel Sprouts only.

Regards Neil Beadle.

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