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Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 04:34:25 PST

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Subject: FW: deathtrap part 2

Hey folks,
Looks like people are asking the same questions, looks like the old answer
is still valid, so here it is again. No,Christopher Reeves is NOT in this
version. :)

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You wrote:

"Our local video store used to carry the movie "Death Trap" every year . I
showed it to my class because we studied carnivorous plants. I can't find
it anywhere even the library. Help me, please. Cynthia"

Here is the data I know about the movie. If you are having a very difficult
time finding it, let me know.

Death Trap
Wnet and BBC TV
Oxford Scientific Films
Written and Directed by Hugh Falkus, Bill Travers, and Sean Morris
Narrated by George Page
60 minutes
a NATURE broadcast on PBS

It has the grooviest soundtrack, who cares about the plants. (jes' kiddin')

Joseph Kinyon
Marin Headlands

Check the video collections at your local libraries. If you still can't
find it contact me.

Joseph Kinyon

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