D. stenopetala

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Subject: D. stenopetala


Difficult to find something on D.stenopetala!
I found this at New Zealand Carnivorous Plants
Society(http://www.scitec.auckland.ac.nz/~waldron/NZCPS/): (There is a photo

Stenopetala ("Wahu"):
First described by Hooker in 1834. The leaves are a dark or reddish-green,
with rounded ends. D. stenopetala has a similar habitat and distribution to
D. arcturi, although as with D. spathulata it can be found at low levels in
the far South. It likes wet depressions in areas of sub-alpine vegetation,
and has been seen on avalanche chutes below the treeline. Allan (1961)
comments that D. stenopetala "varies considerably in size according to
habitat conditions." (p201) "Stenopetala" refers to the narrow petals of the

There is the e-mail of Jack Elder(jack.elder@vuw.ac.nz) perhaps he will
Good luck.
Pierre Gelinaud

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