Dying Purpurea

From: Jason Ashley (jasona@warwick.net)
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 21:58:33 PST

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 00:58:33 -0500
From: "Jason Ashley" <jasona@warwick.net>
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Subject: Dying Purpurea


Right now my S. purpurea are going into dormancy having spent
nearly the entire year outdoors. They actually flowered for the
first time too!

I live in Warwick, New York (USA) which is about USDA zone 5-6 and
the tops of my pitchers are all brown except for the very base.
They did this last year and it's part of the sarracenia's dormancy
process. What's happening sounds like it's normal.

Other sarracenia will appear to die completely during dormancy and
that too is normal. Keep in mind though that the warner varieties
will have a tendency to come up later in the spring and stay longer
through the fall. Like fringetrees you will see everything come up
out EXCEPT your sarracenia and you'll be sure it's dead. Then one
day they'll start growing like mad, sometimes a whole inch a day.

If you're really worried get some fungicidal/insecticidal spray like
spectracide and spray them.

Good luck!

Jason Ashley Warwick, NY USA

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