Any Word on New CP Calendar?

From: Jason Ashley (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 21:50:56 PST

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 00:50:56 -0500
From: "Jason Ashley" <>
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Subject: Any Word on New CP Calendar?

Was wondering if anyone on this list knows about any plans for a
2000 CP calendar. The 1999 calendar is hanging on my wall at work
and my co-workers come over every month to see what new plants are
going to be shown. November has been great because nobody will
believe that our strange but lovely friends the utrics are actually
carnivorous; particularly once I explain their fiendish water traps.

I honestly have to say this hobby has been a blast and THAT calendar
has made for more interesting conversations than any plant I could
plop in my (sunless) cubicle.

Many thanks,

Jason Ashley Warwick, NY

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