RE: Sarracenia Purpurea are dying

From: Paul McCullough (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 11:07:35 PST

Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 14:07:35 -0500
From: Paul McCullough <>
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Subject: RE: Sarracenia Purpurea are dying

My indoor S. purps go into hibernation automatically at this time of
year. They're in a terrarium with tropical, year round CPs. From my
experience, s. purps just go into hibernation from an internal clock-
whether triggered by cold or less light changes is debatable since my
Klimagro gives them neither. They just stop growing (completely) and
form a winter bud. The old traps do stay green but they also get brown
tips. These die in the spring when the plant opens up shop again. btw-
my VFTs do this to a certain extent, too- but unlike the pitchers, they
still try to grow- still it's a slow growth till spring when they
rebound. Drosera rotundifolia form a winter bud in the klimagro, too...
but they never seem to emerge. I think the argument for cold sleep is
far more compelling for VFT and d. rotundifolia then for s. purpurea.

Your s. purps are more then likely going into their rest period and will
re-emerge in Spring. S. purpurea is pretty robust as pitchers go, so if
the roots/rhizome look good, just let it rest and check for new growth
in March/April.



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