Re: sarracenia purpurea dying!!!

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Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 08:54:06 PST

Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 10:54:06 -0600
From: Michael Vanecek <>
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Subject: Re: sarracenia purpurea dying!!!

If you have the plants outside and it's cold then the traps will tend to
turn brown and die off for the rest period. If there is no indication of
rot on the rhizome and the compost is healthy, then I wouldn't fret too
much. Be sure to cut away dead traps and treat the plant and compost
with fungicide and keep it from going below the minimum recommended
temperature (somewhere around freezing?).

If you have the plants inside, then that's another story. Though it's
bad for them, they will remain live year round. If you've had them like
so for a few years without a proper rest period, they may be going on
strike. It's good to give your plants a rest period where it's cool/cold
- for most areas you can keep the plant outside. Avoid hard freezes
(they can survive hard freezes, but they really take a beating when they
do). The rhizome is the key to this. I usually get my Sarr. with all
traps cut off and by rhizome only. As long as the rhizome is healthy
then your plant should come back. These things can even survive a grass

Before you put your plant to bed for the winter, check the compost for
any pests that may have slipped by the first examination, take a closer
examination of the rhizome and roots just to be sure that all is well
and treat with fungicide. It's possible it may have contracted a disease
(especially if it's gone several seasons without a rest period - that
would make it weaker and more susceptable to infections), but given the
time of the year and if it's cold, your plant may just be resting.

Hopefully you noticed a common thread here - give your plants their
proper rest period and they'll last longer and be healthier.

Phillip Cheong wrote:
> To all, My sarracenia purpurea was doing fine then it suddenly began
> to dry up i checked for all possible insect and insect damage and
> diesease damage but i couldn't find anything. i checked the roots
> for root rot but nothing. it just dried up for no reason.
> Can the plant come back from its rizome?
> Can anyone help or know what is happening?
> Thanks Kenny
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